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Short tests: SSD cooler with fan, neck speaker and room climate sensor

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We tested the Jiushark M.2-Three SSD cooler, the Panasonic SC-GN01 neck speaker and the Shelly Plus H&T wireless room climate sensor.

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This week, our short tests revolve around an SSD heat sink and fan, a neck speaker for surround sound and a WLAN room climate sensor for the smart home.

Of the Jiushark M.2-Three combines a heat sink and fan to protect fast PCIe SSDs from excessive temperatures. In the test he succeeded, but there is still a catch. If the problem is not too high temperatures, but sensitive neighbors, the neck speaker can Panasonic SC-GN01 provide a remedy. So you don’t have to crank up your home cinema system to enjoy surround sound.

Short tests at voonze+

Short and sweet to the point: Every week there are three quick short tests for our subscribers, from red hot to crazy. The meetings of the past weeks can be found here:

  • SSD cooler with fan, neck speaker and indoor climate sensor

  • Screencast software, podcaster mixer, video cutter

  • Microsoft’s video app, USB audio mixer and dynamic microphone

  • Tattoo preview, pocket policeman, backup software

  • Smart Plant Breeding Station, Video Doorbell and CPU Cooler

  • GitHub Alert, Command Line To-Do List, and ShellCheck

  • Linux program selector, Rasp Pi backup server and a portable USB SSD

  • Short test: Mix headphones, xDSL modem, radar detector

  • In-ear headset, ANC headphones and fingerprint scanner

  • Cheap PC processor, USB-C display with battery, small dog robots

  • Fleet outdoor SSD, snap-in IEC connector, monitor connector

  • 3D microphone, bluetooth over-ears, bluetooth speaker

  • High-end headphones, smart sports glasses, Amazon Echo Buds

  • Air quality meter, USB SSD T-Force M200, heating thermostat

  • PCIe SSD, one-hand controller, NAS hard drive

  • SSD and card readers, headphones and a plug-in for music programs

  • Powerline WiFi adapter, WiFi 6 repeater and coax switch​

  • eSIM app, screenshot tool, city tour app

  • Bluetooth speaker, music notation program and habit tracker

  • NAS hard drive, CarPlay and Android Auto, in-ear headphones

  • Graphics card, game controller, microphones

  • Colorful command line, synthesizer construction kit, Game Boy with GPi case

  • Google’s hacker training, Deutsche Bahn co-working spaces, Facetime for everyone

  • Streaming stick, Alder Lake processor and smartwatch

  • Bluetooth retrofit kit, WiFi for Android Auto, ambient light

  • Bookmark manager, raw developer, film simulation

  • Raspi-Turbo, Seasonic Prime Fanless PC power supply, light chronograph

  • Stitch healer, digital picture frame, USB hub

  • Fast USB stick, privacy monitor, mini audio recorder

If you also want to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity, the Shelly Plus H&T on. The small plastic housing contains room climate sensors and an e-ink display that shows the measured values. It makes contact with other smart home components via WLAN – and if you wish, without the cloud at all.

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