Shein scam: criminals buy ads and pay influencers to spread the scheme

Shein scam: criminals buy ads and pay influencers to spread the scheme
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Scammers are taking advantage of Shein’s popularity in Europe to promote a new scam that aims to deceive victims and subtract money with misleading proposals. The fraud consists of convincing the victim to install a Fake app that promises salary for Shein product reviewsbut to receive the “benefit” you have to pay a membership fee.

The victim, however, never has access released even after paying the amount demanded by the swindlers, thus confirming that it is a hoax. According to information from Kaspersky, those responsible for the coup are promoting the “Coup d da Shein” through influencers, ads and applications, some of which have already been removed from stores such as the Play Store.

As found by the cybersecurity company, there are some ads running on Google inducing the victim to believe that he will receive the promised amount after paying the fee. The measure is one of several ways found by criminals to corroborate the false narrative, giving greater credibility to the coup.

In addition to this alleged bonus received in return after accessing the application, the scam promises a way to get free clothes at Shein and even WhatsApp support to answer questions. There are promotional videos that highlight the alleged advantages of being a “brand appraiser”, such as the guarantee of being paid more than R$300 a day working from home.

This content can be found by searching for the term “Money Looks” both on Google and on YouTube, and in the latter there are testimonials from people and content creators encouraging the hoax. These videos may have been sponsored by the scammers in order to make it appear to be a real job offer.

Shein scam: criminals buy ads and pay influencers to spread the scam.

O Google even removed some fraudulent apps from the Android storebut the same was not followed by YouTube, which keeps videos on the air that clearly try to induce viewers to fall into a fraud.

In a press release, Shein states that:

SHEIN also recommends that no person register on this website/app, in order to avoid the misuse of their names, personal information and bank details. Additionally, the company points out that information about the brand’s products, actions and campaigns can be found and are always disclosed on its official channels, on social networks and on the website.

I was the victim of the scam! And now?
  • If the payment was made using a credit card, contact your bank and request the cancellation of the payment;
  • If you did via PIX, communicate with your bank asap by requesting the MED (special return mechanism);
  • If the payment was made via bank slip, there is not much to do. Opening a police report is also recommended to register the fraud.
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