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Shazam in AirPods and Apple’s headset: soon it may no longer be a dream of the future

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A new patent describes how Shazam music recognition could continue. After the iPhone and Watch, the music probably plays on AirPods and in the headset.


A new patent application from Apple outlines the possible future of music recognition software Shazam. According to this, Apple has the idea of ​​extending song recognition to additional devices. In addition to headphones such as the AirPods, these also include devices that Apple does not yet have: For example, a mixed reality headset, smart contact lenses or a heads-up display in a car.

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Even more remarkable about the application for the protection of ideas is how the smart software is supposed to recognize interest in the respective song. The recognition does not just run permanently in the background. The system also recognizes when the user bobs his head to the music, taps his foot on the floor, makes a face or jumps for joy. From this it concludes that there is interest in the respective piece. The user would then be shown various options, in addition to information about the song, options to purchase or listen to the song. Similar titles that suit the taste should also be offered.

Possible applications in a mixed reality environment are particularly highlighted. With this and with the mention of a heads-up display in the car, the patent application addresses two subject areas in which either new hardware is expected or something has even been promised by Apple.

In the car, this is next-generation CarPlay, which, in cooperation with car manufacturers, should offer much more than is currently known. There is no official confirmation for the headsets, but rumors are growing that Apple could introduce something along these lines in early 2023.

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Already today, Shazam is a useful helper on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Apple bought the once-standalone app in 2017 for $400 million. There is also an auto mode on the iPhone that constantly listens to titles and compares them with the database. This can be started by opening the Shazam app and long-pressing the large button in the middle. Shazam can also be stored in the iPhone’s control center or activated via Siri. Apple provides further information on this in a support document. A browser plug-in for Chrome has also been available since early 2022.

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