Shazam for iOS has a new dynamic that improves song identification


There are several applications that we can have on our mobile to identify songs. But without a doubt, Shazam is one of the favorites.

And while it sometimes takes time to recognize songs or cannot identify them, it can offer a margin of improvement thanks to its latest update on iOS.

Shazam improves song identification on iOS

Perhaps it has happened to you that you have opened the Shazam app so that it identifies a song that you are listening to on TV and it cannot recognize it. And no matter how hard you try several times, it doesn’t work. Although it may be due to a bug, sometimes it happens that the app does not listen to the song long enough to identify it.

If that’s the problem, it may be fixed with the latest update to the Shazam app on iOS. As mentioned in Apple Insider, one of the improvements mentioned in the latest version is that

Now Shazam finds more songs, trying harder and for longer

While they do not mention details of this update, it is clear that they now allow Shazam more time to identify and recognize a song. This does not mean that it will take longer to give you the results.

Most songs will recognize them in a few seconds, but on those occasions where the melody cannot be clearly distinguished, either because the sound is bad or you are too far away, it will take a longer time to have a better chance of obtaining a result. .

It seems like a small update, but it will avoid many frustrated attempts to users. This update to the Shazam app on iOS is now available under version 15.0. So if you’ve been having trouble lately with the app to identify songs from your iPhone, update Shazam to see if it improves with this update.