Shazam celebrates 20 years with playlist


Yesterday, Apple celebrated another year of the musical identification application, Shazam, recalling the first 20 years since its launch. Due to this reason, the company carried out an interesting very special playlist where the most searched songs by Shazam in each of the 20 years are shown.

Apple commented a little about the milestone that 20 years mean. From Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”, the playlist pretty much shows how useful and beneficial Shazam has been to the lives of every user globally in their quests over these two decades. In case you are interested in listening and reminiscing a bit, you can find the playlist via Apple Music.

Shazam’s Walkthrough

This particular service was first launched during the month of August 2002, being a text messaging application from the United Kingdom. Time later it became available for the App Store in July 2008, as a pioneer.

Ten years later, Apple took over the application under supposed 400 million dollars. The company has used this service since 2018 by integrating it into the music identification service in the iPhone Control Center. Since that day, there has been an impressive evolution of Shazam, already removing the ads and adding features regarding concerts, even having third-party app compatibility and much more.

After these 20 years, the service has more than 225 million monthly users globally, breaking limits with recognition in more than 70 billion songs, according to Apple. Under this standard, Drake is the most sought-after artist in all of history, surpassing 350 million counting both his songs and his collaborations. Also, Tones And I’s “Dance Monkey” as the most searched song, surpassing 41 million.

Through a statement, the company recalls many unique moments and records in these twenty years of Shazam. From the most sought after genre, the first song, among others. You can also view Shazam apps for iPhone, Mac, and all other devices, even Android and Windows. After the iOS 14.2 update onwards, the company added multiple improvements to the Control Center to make recognition functions much easier even if you can’t download Shazam.