Shazam can now recognize songs even if you use headphones

shazam can now recognize songs even if you use headphones.webp.webp.webp
shazam can now recognize songs even if you use headphones.webp.webp.webp

Nothing can stop Shazam in his quest to identify all the songs around you. The app can now recognize songs even if you are using headphonesas stated in the list of changes from your update in the App Store from Apple.

Shazam can now identify songs while wearing headphones, with or without cable, both in applications on the mobile itself and using the microphone. It is possible to do this in both Shazam for Android and iOS.

Capture songs, with or without headphones

Shazam song recognition is even a little better now that it works correctly on mobile regardless of whether you have headphones connected or notconnected with cable or Bluetooth. This is what the application says in the list of changes:

Now you can identify songs using wired or wireless headphones. You just have to open the app and, when you see the headphones icon on the home screen, you can start searching for music from other apps or from wherever you are.


The two best songs ever, correctly identified by Shazam with headphones

This is possible for both recognize songs that play in your environmentusing the headphones’ microphone, such as when what you want to do is recognize songs that play in a mobile application, such as in TikTok or YouTube videos.

In the latter case, Shazam recommends us on Android use Shazam quick tweak either the floating song identification button. On iOS, the process is similar, but from the Shazam button in control center.

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In Xataka Mobile | What Shazam now does with a button, an SMS used to do: this is how song recognition has changed

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