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SHARKGEEK announces charger with 67W power and Mini Macintosh look

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THE SHARKGEEK released a charger with a Macintosh-inspired design. with the name of Retro 67, it even shows its power on the small screen of the old Apple computer, which this year completed 38 years since its launch. The item is an evolution of another accessory launched in May this year, which had a power of 35W.

As you can already see, the new product from the manufacturer has 67W of power and three USB-C ports for charging devices. In this sense, it also offers the possibility of fast charging on all ports. In the same way, it is possible to use all of them at the same time to charge the devices. The company even released a video of the product:

Another detail about it that draws attention is the fact that it has GaN technology, treated as the new hope in the category for this purpose. All the power of the item is displayed on the small screen of the Mini Macintosh. Incidentally, the displayed power is the total sum of the devices that are currently charging, since the energy is distributed between the items.

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The SHARKGEEK Retro 67 shows extra detail when not in use, but plugged in. In this case, it displays a Matrix-style effect in pixelated format, with the codes transitioning from top to bottom. Huawei was another company that released a GaN accessory recently.

Availability and price

Currently, the product is in the campaign phase on the Indiegogo website and has already raised more than the established goal. That said, it is possible to acquire it for US$ 30 (R$ 160 at the current price) since it is in the production phase. When it finally hits the market, the accessory will cost US$ 80 (R$ 428).

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