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Shared With You: This is how you can use it in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura

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Shared with You or Shared With You, is one of the most interesting functions that Apple has created regarding social features, functioning as a place to highlight content that other users can share with you. Therefore, this deserves that you can know a lot about the content to be highlighted, as well as the most relevant functions and the operation in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

This feature kicks in once a contact sends content through Apple TV, Photos, Safari, Apple Music, News, and Podcasts via iMessage. It does not matter from what kind of application you receive the content, since it automatically takes its own order in Shared with you. The feature is also designed so that no type of content is lost, keeping everything that has been shared with you.

Shared with you, as already explained, maintains its own organization by proposing different sections for each content. This function will not simply appear, because It first requires content that another contact has shared with you through iMessages.

Find Shared with you

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The first thing is to locate the Settings control panel, then you will have to enter Messages. Among the settings is the toggle for Automatic Sharing, letting you turn Apple apps on and off.

In case you are on your Mac computer, you have to go to Messages and then to Preferences, through the menu bar or you can also access it by pressing Command-Comma on your keyboard. You will see the Shared With You tab with mobile-like options.

  • Apple TV: You will have to tap on Watch Now, located in the lower left screen.
  • Apple Music: Click on Listen Now.
  • Safari: First, you will have to access a new tab in the browser and slide on the home page. Once you’re in the bottom section, hit the Edit button so you can turn Shared with you on or off.
  • Photos: You will only have to access the For you section and then slide to the bottom where you will find Shared with you.
  • News: Go to the Today section and then scroll to the bottom.
  • Podcasts: Access the Listen Now section and scroll to the bottom.

Although it may seem like too many apps, the feature can automatically process the content. Once someone has already sent the content from one of the applications through an iMessage, you will automatically be able to see it in your respective app. You just have to long press on iOS and iPadOS, and mouse click on macOS to delete content.

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To be more sure of who shared content, it appears with a photo and name of the responsible contact right in the Shared with you section. If you want to reply to such content, just tap or click on the contact’s name and it will send you to Messages.

So you can pin content in iMessage

  • First, you’ll need to access the iMessage conversation where the Shared with you content is.
  • Click carefully on the sent link.
  • Tap on the Pin option.
  • In case you no longer need to pin the content, just repeat these steps again and select unpin.

share your content

  • Apple TV: The first thing is to find the content you want to share, whether it’s a show or a feature film. Then you will have to click on the share button, similar to a square with an arrow pointing up. Select the Messages option, find the contact and send.
  • Apple Music: With a process similar to the previous one, find the song or album that you want to share, followed by pressing the More option with the icon of three points in a circle. Finally, just select Share song or album. Choose Messages, then the contact and send.
  • Safari: Select the website, then the square Share icon. Choose Messages, then the contact and send.
  • Photos: Find the photo to send and select the square Share icon. Choose Messages, then the contact and send.
  • News: Find the article and with the More icon, select Messages, then the contact and send.
  • Podcasts: Select the Podcast, then tap the square Share button. Choose Messages, then the contact and send.

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