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Share your Netflix account legally: this is how subscribers are added

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Once you’ve made it clear Netflix that it intends to do everything possible to end shared accounts, the platform has enabled a way to do this legally (and at a cost of 5.99 euros, of course). It is an option that is designed so that an additional person has their own username and password -but that the payment is made by someone else who has traditional access-. We tell you how to activate this option.

The option we are talking about is called Extra Subscribers, and that’s it enabled in Spain so that it can be used if you need it. The use can go from the children to the parents, and it is not necessary that the additional people live in the same place, so you do not have the restrictions of the use of the point chosen as Home.

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What you should know about Extra Subscribers

Among the options that are achieved with them is the Netflix unlimited access to the contents of the streaming service, and there are no restrictions regarding the devices from which this is done (it can be from a television to the smartphone itself). In addition, it is used same image quality than that enjoyed by the owner of the account and, as we have indicated, they have their own credentials.


Some restrictions that they have are the following: content can only be downloaded on one device; they cannot create additional profiles; they cannot use their profile on more than one computer at a time; In addition, the account created has to be from the same country. And that’s all.

This is how you share your Netflix account legally… and paying

We are going to indicate the steps using the client of the platform that exists in the browser, since we believe that it is the easiest way to achieve it.

  • Open the Netflix page as usual and enter your credentials.
  • Enter your profile, the one with all the privileges and, now, click on the image that represents it in the upper right part. In the dropdown menu that you will see, use the Account option.
  • You enter a new screen with all the options that exist on Netflix for you, find the Extra Subscribers section and use the link on the right to add the desired one. You are informed of the price increase and you must specify the name, email address (where one is received to complete the process by the new subscriber).
  • When you’re done, confirm the operation and you’re done.


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