Share music clips and get translations, new to the Instagram Notes feature

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The Instagram app’s Notes feature, which enables quick sharing of status updates with up to 60 characters, is getting a feature that now lets users go beyond simply sharing the name of the music they’re playing. are listening at the precise moment.

And it is that, after the new update that is beginning to be deployed to all users today, it also offers the possibility that users can now include 30-second fragments along with a brief description of the musical themes that are find yourself listening at specific times.

Sharing music clips with friends

Friends will simply have to press the audio clip available in each published note to listen to the fragment of the musical theme that has been shared and immerse themselves in the same environment as the users who share them.

Notes also allows you to get translations

Along with Notes Music, which is what this feature is called, comes Notes Translations, the other new feature focused on enabling translations of Notes in a language other than the one in which they were written.

What was seen as Meta’s alternative to Twitter

Notes thus gains more capabilities to become an attraction for users, although it lags behind ephemeral publications and stories, and which at one point was reached despite the fact that it would be the function with which Meta would try to compete with Twitter, but we’ve known for a while that it isn’t.

And it is that as we have told you a little less than a month ago, what could be Meta’s alternative to Twitter is still in the development phase and has the code name Barcelona.

What is known about Barcelona

It is known that it will be part of Instagram, to the point of using the same user data, to be able to participate in this platform, whose interface is more a combination of Instagram and Twitter (Hive social, another alternative to Twitter with touches of Instagram, pulls more towards the Twitter experience), which allows users to write text in posts of up to 500 characters.

In addition, through the leaks it has also come to know that Barcelona will be compatible with ActivityPub, for now it will be possible to interact with users who are part of platforms that make up the fediverse.

During the past week, Meta employees were already able to test the new Barcelona application, according to The Verge.

Instagram as a parallel universe to independent social networks

In any case, there is no doubt that Meta wants to turn Instagram into an ecosystem that brings together capabilities that are currently found in different social networks, and not only for Stories or its equivalent to TikTok, since also for a few months that it obtained the spontaneous Stories function, which is still a function inspired by the well-known social network BeReal.

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