Severance, trailer and release date for the Apple TV Plus thriller


The February 18, in addition to The Cuphead Show on Netflix, will also arrive Severance, the Apple TV Plus working thriller series: the platform confirmed it today by releasing the official trailer (as usual exactly one month after its release). The parallels with the Cuphead series do not end there: even Apple’s content had a particularly long gestation period – it was in fact announced at the end of November 2019. A few weeks later the whole COVID-19 mess broke out, which has understandably stretched the times a bit. But Apple finally managed to “bring it home”, as a certain (too) Italian tennis enthusiast director would say (let’s see if anyone guesses who we’re talking about).

Patricia Arquette and Adam Scott will be the main protagonists of the series. The story will follow the story of Mark Scout, the character of Scott, “leader of a team of employees whose memories have been surgically divided between private and working life. An experimental procedure in search of a new way to balance the two aspects of life, which however has unclear implications, when Scout finds himself at the center of a mystery that will force him to face the true nature of his work … and of himself. ” Arquette will play Peggy, Mark Scout’s direct boss.

The rest of the cast sees several other prominent actors, including:

  • John Turturro
  • Christopher Walken
  • Britt Lower as Helly
  • Jen Tullock
  • Zach Cherry
  • Tramell Tillman
  • Yul Vazquez
  • Dichen Lachman
  • Ethan Flower
  • Michael Chernus

The series, created by Dan Erickson and directed / produced by Ben Stiller, will consist of 9 episodes. As usual, Apple will release the first two right away, while the others will arrive, one at a time, every Friday.