Seven news coming to Signal

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In the same way that Telegram has launched in recent days up to eight new functionalities with which it welcomes the constant flow of new users who are coming to the instant messaging application since WhatsApp announced that it will change its conditions of use, Signal, Another alternative to WhatsApp that is benefiting the most from the transfer of new users, has also been updated and has incorporated new functions.

Signal updates its application with new functions, some of which already incorporated WhatsApp

With them, Signal tries to stand up to WhatsApp and seize the moment to continue increasing its number of users. What are these new additions to the Signal service? We are going to tell you about them in this article and they are already available in Signal version 5.3.1 for both iOS and Android:

-Wallpapers for chats. This is a new function that imitates the one recently launched by WhatsApp and that allows you to choose a wallpaper from a collection of available backgrounds and thus customize a chat individually or choose a new background that is displayed in all chats.

-Support for animated stickers. From now on, Signal users will be able to send animated stickers to themselves, something that has also been available on WhatsApp since last year. Signal has also launched its first animated sticker pack, called “Day by Day”, although anyone can create their own animated stickers from the desktop version of Signal.

-New section in the profiles. Signal launches the “About” section in the Signal profiles, where the user can now offer more personal information, as well as show photographs that other users can see and enlarge by simply clicking on them.

-Easier to copy from other apps. Signal does not allow the easy transfer of WhatsApp chats at the moment as Telegram does, but for example, it now facilitates sharing content from other apps, showing a pop-up message in Signal chats that helps copy and paste.

-Reduction of data consumption. According to Signal, it has now managed to reduce data consumption when making calls.

-Pause of downloads. On the other hand, Signal has pointed out that from now on users can pause and resume file downloads from the application whenever they want. Thus, for example, if you are in a 4G data consumption area, you can pause the download and resume it when you are with Wi-Fi coverage. In addition to being able to do this manually, you can also select to automatically stop downloads while on a call.

-Image compression. Image compression has also been improved to reduce download time and to send better quality files through Signal.