Setapp is preparing to compete with the App Store. And it has a new cleaning application: CleanMyPhone

setapp is preparing to compete with the app store and.webp.webp.webp
setapp is preparing to compete with the app store and.webp.webp.webp

Of all the macOS apps I use, Clean my Mac It has been among my favorites since my first Apple computer: I always found it to be a fantastic utility for keep your Mac in perfect condition and in a simple way. And this is exactly the intention of CleanMyPhone, Mac Paw takes advantage of the recent changes in iOS 17.4 to renew an old app and give it a wider range of uses. There is no doubt that Setapp’s competition in the App Store will mark a before and after for iPhone users.

Europe had to come for Apple to open up its ecosystem more: with iOS 17.4, alternative stores to the App Store are now official. So, in view of a near future where iPhone users will have applications outside the native iOS store, the owners of Setapp change the direction of one of their applications in the process of moving Clean my Mac utilities to the iPhone. It looks very good, I’ve already tried it.

CleanMyPhone promises to clean your phone and make it work better


First of all, I have to say that Clean my Phone is not a really new app, since Mac Paw takes advantage of software that it already had published in the App Store to reorient it towards a file manager, cleaner and, surely, also towards a security guard. from malware and malicious apps; a function that its brother for the desktop, Clean my Mac, includes as standard. It used to be called Gemini Photos and it was aimed only at cleaning the gallery.

The app allows you to analyze the iPhone to discover what can be deleted to clean up the maximum storage. Currently, CleanMyPhone maintains the operation of the previous app, so it is basically dedicated to search gallery to locate duplicate imagesscreenshots or photos that can be deleted after receiving them through messaging apps.

CleanMyPhone has the cleaning tool itself, it also offers one to organize multimedia files. The app locates images and videos that can be included within a theme; like trips or photos with text. I didn’t find it very useful, although everything will depend on how disorganized the users’ gallery is.

Aside from cleaning and organization, CleanMyPhone can analyze the network to find out the upload and download speeds, latency, overall connection quality, and the IP the phone is connected to. It is a good complement that does not go beyond the consultation.


And not too much more: CleanMyPhone at the moment does not offer anything that cannot be done manually on the phone, although it does plant the roots for what is to come once the alternative stores are up and running. Most likely, the application draws parallels with its desktop counterpart: uninstall applications, analyze the phone’s security or see how resources are being consumed; with the option to close those applications that are exceeded. I will keep track of it, I see a lot of potential in CleanMyPhone.

The application can be downloaded for free from the App Store, although you need a subscription to use it fully. It has a trial period and is included in the Setapp account. The current operation seemed somewhat limited to me.

Clean my Phone

An application to clean the iPhone

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