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Set your digital stopwatch to analog on iPhone

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If you are usually a person who is willing to the multiple changes and curiosities that the iPhone offers in its entirety to always vary a little each view of some functions such as the stopwatch. Here you will be able to observe the steps to follow to be able to change the appearance between the digital and analog options of this function from your iPhone.

Usually the Clock app has some interesting details since its arrival with this well-known iOS operating system in 2007. This is one of the applications that will continue to be quite useful and easy to use despite Apple’s innovations. Even after the arrival of iOS 10, lThe stopwatch function in the Clock app itself includes an analog face.

This is really simple to exchange for a digital sphere and you will find it very elegant but just as beautiful as the analog one. In addition, the analog form, due to its simplicity, is quite easy to read just by looking at it, and full functionality is also integrated into the current one.

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An extra option of the lap function on your stopwatch, You will notice your own hand when you turn, which makes each one quite different. Now it is enough to look to know at the same time which laps have elapsed in reference to the current time.

Set up the analog face on your iPhone stopwatch

  • Access your Clock app on your iOS device.
  • Click on the Stopwatch function.
  • On this screen, swipe to the left.

A version of the Clock app for Mac is also included in the macOS Ventura update. This application has its own form of the analog stopwatch and which is quite easy to use just by clicking on “See analog stopwatch”. All this must be done from the View menu located at the top of the screen. You will also be able to click on the digital stopwatch screen.

However, something different from the version of the iPhone stopwatch is that in the macOS app when you click on the lap button with the analog face, the screen becomes digital and the laps are counted from a counter.

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On the surface, this could be considered just an oversight, since there is enough space to display the laps from within the app. Perhaps a glitch caused by the conversion from iOS to macOS. The AppleInsider medium has already sent a report about this probable error on the part of Apple.

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