Servers that offer a short-range 5G network, this is PEGATRON


There is the possibility of creating a 5G network anywhere, and during the MWC we have been able to learn about the solution that PEGRATON has designed for the issue.

It is clear that 5G networks continue to be one of the most promising technologies today. Its benefits in terms of speed and data transmission capacity have led to a global race to implement this technology.

The first generation of 5G servers introduced by PEGATRON was designed as a general purpose solution. This solution focused on the integration of its technology in a general purpose server. With this solution, the company was able to commercialize the product, get it to market, and get it off paper.

In their second generation of 5G servers, they decided to expand the range of temperatures that they could withstand. On this occasion, the company designed servers capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from -5°C to 55°C. This change was made to meet the needs of customers who need to place servers in outdoor environments without temperature control.

Now with this third generation of 5G servers, additional modules are incorporated to improve the functionality of the server. On this occasion, the company has integrated a GPS signal module and a card generator into the server. This enables the server to support private networks with lower power consumption and lower process change costs.

In a recent demo, presented an end-to-end 5G connectivity solution. The demo showed how a smartphone user connected via the 5G network could have a Microsoft Teams meeting. The connection was made through the 5G network and demonstrated the feasibility of the technology for remote connections.

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They have confirmed to us that their 5G servers can be sold worldwide. The company manufactures its products in Taiwan and has no export limitations. This means that the company can easily expand into new markets and offer innovative solutions around the world, without suffering from the limits imposed on China.

According to SCF’s State of the Market report, the cumulative number of 5G small base stations in the world will reach more than 20 million by 2026; the market predicts that the scale of private network-related equipment will reach $18 billion by 2030.


Advantages include:

  • Allows rapid deployment of small base stations under private networks
  • It provides real-time and dynamic adjustment of network resources for smart devices to optimize the network.


PEGRATON solutions on third generation servers could be used in various applications that require high-speed 5G connectivity and processing power. Some examples of possible uses include:

Manufacturing industry: PEGRATON servers could be used in the manufacturing industry to collect and process data in real time. This would allow companies to make faster and more accurate decisions, optimize processes and improve production efficiency.

health sector: could be used in the healthcare sector to collect and process medical data efficiently and securely. This would allow healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions, improve patient care and reduce overall costs.

energy sector: they could also be used in the energy sector to collect and process energy metering data in real time. This would allow energy companies to optimize the use of resources and improve energy efficiency.