Series and movies to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020

Series and movies to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020
Series And Movies To Premiere On Amazon Prime Video In

Prime Video continues to surprise and, although it does not produce at the same speed as Netflix, for example, yes you are opting for a different strategy of capturing some of the most important series of the last decades. If “24” arrived a couple of months ago, now the same thing happens with authentic television legends such as “Law and Order”, which they complete with another ten seasons, or “Desperate Women”, which lands on the platform with its eight entire seasons.

But in addition to all the above, fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone are in luck because they come to Prime Video, nothing more and nothing less, than 22 full seasons (two to go) of South Park, one of the funniest, craziest, exaggerated and irreverent cartoon series in the history of television and that, until now, had no place to go to remember it. Finally, we will have it on hand to return again and again to those old chapters that are true icons of pop culture of this 21st century.

But besides those revivals, Amazon has decided to release its own fiction, “Utopia”, which already had a British version of 2013 (which is available on Filmin with the same name), and that it was originally going to be an HBO project directed by David Fincher that ended up wrecking. This series of nine chapters tells the story of a group of comic book fans who believe they see and decipher secret messages in one of them, called “Utopia”, that point to a catastrophic event for Earth. John Cusack stars in it.

By last, One of the highlights of this month on Prime Video is the arrival of the Spanish movie of the year. That “Father there is only one 2” that has broken all box office records in the midst of a pandemic and that returns Santiago Segura to the top of the most successful directors in our country. This is an exclusive premiere of Prime Video.

These are all the series and movies that Prime Video releases in the month of October 2020:

October 1st

  • Law and Order (T10-20)
  • The Good Doctor (T3)

October 2nd

  • Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2
  • Six Dreams – Back to Win

October 5th

  • Grey’s Anatomy (S16)
  • You will not believe it

October 6th

  • Desperate Housewives (S1-8)
  • The Lie -Welcome to Blumhouse
  • Black Box -Welcome to Blumhouse

October 7

  • Father there is only one 2

October 8th

  • Sons of Soil

October 9

  • Carolina Marín: I can because I think I can
  • Modern Family (T11)

October 13

  • Evil Eye -Welcome to Blumhouse-
  • Nocturne -Welcome to Blumhouse-

October 15th

  • Spy game

October 16

  • What the Constitution Means to Me
  • Underworld Ladies (T2)

October 20

  • We
  • Wild nation

October 22

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

October 26th

  • The Boy: The Curse of Brahms
  • Baby driver

30th of October

  • Truth Seekers
  • Utopia
  • The challenge: ETA

31 October

  • South Park (T1 to 22)