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Serie A TV rights, the envelopes open: Amazon pulls out, DAZN ahead on Sky

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Contrary to what was previously assumed, Amazon has pulled out of the race for TV rights for Serie A. This was confirmed by the managing director Luigi De Siervo, on the sidelines of the meeting held today in Milan in which the envelopes were opened.

De Siervo in fact confirmed that Amazon has not submitted any offers as “he had asked for a package on the model of the English championship, which would have upset our strategy“. The CEO of the Lega explained that this proposal was not accepted as it would have radically changed the market’s approach: “we felt we did not have to change our approach to the market, if it is true that it is cool to work with certain operators it is not right that fans have to subscribe to an extra platform for a few days. Furthermore, Amazon’s pricing policy focuses on marketing rather than product. Also for the level of investments they were able to put money on the Champions League and we knew they would have allocated their budget to that“.

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On the possibility for Amazon to return, De Siervo has not closed the doors.

But who did the envelopes go to then? An offer came from DAZN, which judging from what De Siervo said could even obtain the exclusive or take the place of Sky. “Dazn has become the dominant platform in some markets. It is proposed to replace Sky as the main player in Italy, also Sky will have the opportunity to compete and overcome the offer made by Dazn in private negotiations“said the manager, who however explained how the offers of the two broadcasters are crossed. At the moment, therefore, the situation sees DAZN ahead on Sky to bring home the most consistent package

The ball will now pass to private negotiations, which will start on February 5th “with a new formula in a hotel, in different rooms where the commission will meet the invited subjects. The notary will receive improvement offers from the subjects which will be kept in a safe until February 8 for the final offers“.

Amazon can therefore settle for the purchase of Champions League TV rights. To understand where we will follow the next Serie A, we will still have to wait a bit.

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