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Serie A TV rights: DAZN one step away from the coup, three out of ten games on Sky?

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As widely expected by the president of Turin, Urbano Cairo, during the meeting held yesterday in Milan, no decision was taken on the assignment of the Serie A TV rights for the next three years. In fact, it was not voted, but judging by what emerged the package runs more and more towards DAZN.

In the Milanese hotel where the meeting was held, as well as the presidents of the 20 Serie A teams (increasingly split and divided), the top executives of Sky and DAZN, who illustrated their proposals.

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Sources close to the OTT platform leaked all their optimism, and said they were “satisfied with the conversations held with the Serie A League and the feedback received from the clubs that would allow the Serie A League to look to a future of growth and development in line with the potential of the market“.

In fact, the relaunch of Sky has not arrived, which therefore still lags behind with its proposal. The final decision could come next week, but from what has been leaked it is increasingly likely that in the next three years fans will watch 7 out of 10 matches in Serie A round on DAZN, and the rest on Sky.

The discussion, however, is taking place parallel to that on the funds: ten teams (including Roma) in fact continue to keep this door open, but everything is difficult to achieve since all the teams have lined up in favor of the DAZN offer. big, including Juventus, Milan, Inter, Napoli, Fiorentina, Atalanta, Lazio, Cagliari and Udinese who already wanted to vote yesterday.

The president of Turin and RCS, Urbano Cairo, on leaving the assembly stated that “it went well, Dazn and Sky presented the offers and now we have to think about it but at the same time we have to think about the theme of funds, which is dear to many companies. They are two open issues, which are not necessarily connected, they must both be addressed“.

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For users, it remains to understand what kind of approach DAZN will take. The increase in the season ticket is practically certain, both to cover costs and not to devalue Italian football, and this last request could come directly from the League.

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