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Sengoku Dynasty invites us to survive during the Sengoku period

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If nothing strange happens, during the first quarter of next year we will be able to enjoy Sengoku Dynastya survival builder that invites us to build our village during the long period of civil wars that Japan experienced.

The study Superkami offers us the other side of feudal Japan. If we are used to samurais, ninja and other stories, in Sengoku Dynasty We will be a simple villager who wants to survive the poverty and famine of a country plunged into war. Of course, even if we start as a villager, we can end up becoming a master craftsman, a famous warrior or even a spiritual teacher.

We can do it alone or cooperatively, up to four players, and start our village within the vast and varied world that the game will have available. As we progress, the village will fill with inhabitants who will also have their needs and even we will be able to form a family so that our legacy endures. The title will allow us both to go our own way and to follow a story.

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On the occasion of Gamescom, the studio and publisher, Toplitz Productionshave published a development diary with comments from their designer and a bit of gameplay:

The game follows in the footsteps of games like Valheim or even V Rising but from a very realistic position, since they have the support of experts in Japanese history so that not even an oriental stone is out of tune. A lot of work will be done on both crafting and building construction as well as combat, both short and long range.

If you like the proposal of this Sengoku Dynastyyou can now follow it on Steam.

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