Sending original quality photos on WhatsApp is a bad idea: they can know where you live

sending original quality photos on whatsapp is a bad idea.webp.webp.webp
sending original quality photos on whatsapp is a bad idea.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp tricks there are many but few as famous and repeated as that of in The trick has lost a bit of traction since WhatsApp allows us on

A trick not recommended

Traditionally, WhatsApp compressed the photos that we sent to our contacts with a quality that is technically known as “potato quality”, which made a very simple trick work: instead of


Although when you open the photo in Google Photos or the camera application it appears that it does not include the location, it does you will see that the image maintains the location coordinates If you open it from a PC or, on your mobile, with Google Files, entering File information. It will appear in the data Map coordinates which you can copy to the clipboard with a long tap.


Google Files shows the coordinates in the format of degrees, minutes and seconds, which is different from those used by Google Maps, as a comma is included between the latitude and longitude and another to separate the decimals, while Google Maps accepts points. You can use any converter available online to convert it to a compatible format and find location on map.

The margin of error in the photo will depend on the accuracy of the GPS, but it is clear that this can be a serious problem when reveal where we live or where we have been exactly at a specific moment.

GuessWith the coordinates in the photo it didn’t take us long to find the place on Google Street View

Blame location data

The above problem is actually not a bug but a feature. When we choose

Of course, the above only happens if we have chosen to store location data in our photos, something that we are usually asked the first time we open the camera application when buying a new mobile phone. If we do not remember what we have chosen, we will find the option among the settings of the camera application.


Saving location data in photos is very useful so you can remember later where you have been (You therefore have two solutions.. If you want to keep location data in your photos, then you must

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