Sell ​​or buy your car in 10 minutes with the Simplimmat app!

This new government initiative will simplify transactions when selling a used vehicle: Simplimmat is a mobile application which will allow the seller and the buyer to complete the transfer declaration together in ten minutes during the dematerialized procedure. safely. The app will only support vehicles registered in the new format.

In testing in certain departments for two years, the application government mobile Simplimmat is now accessible to everyone. It simplifies administrative procedures when selling and purchasing a used vehicle .

The Simplimmat mobile application was designed to help motorists in their efforts when they decide to sell or buy a car. car second hand. It thus allows the seller to declare the administrative transfer of his vehicle (within a maximum of fifteen days) and the buyer to have a new registration document established in his name.

Car sold in ten minutes

These two procedures can now be carried out completely dematerialized, each from their smartphone, provided that the seller and the buyer are present physical from each other, when handing over the keys for example. If it is perfectly respected, the process should not take more than ten minutes, according to the press release from the Ministry of the Interior. The transfer of responsibility for the vehicle is immediate and the buyer can request their new registration document straight away. He will receive it a few days later at his home.

The main objective of this system is to avoid the case where the seller fails to declare the transfer of the vehicle on the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS), thus blocking the registration of the buyer in his name. Also note that if the administrative situation of the vehicle is not in order (if it is stolen for example), Simplimmat automatically blocks the transfer of the vehicle, which represents increased security for the buyer. The Simplimmat application was launched in the test phase in 2021 in several departments. It is now accessible to all individuals selling or repurchasing a vehicle registered in France and residing there.

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Simplimmat is free to download on Google Play (Android) and the AppStore(iOS). And to find out the history of a vehicle, it’s here .