Selena Gomez has not needed a drop of makeup, extensions or look to give us the most beautiful image of the week

Selena Gomez Has Not Needed A Drop Of Makeup, Extensions Or Look
Selena Gomez Has Not Needed A Drop Of Makeup, Extensions Or Look

Guess who has set up their ‘office’ at home.

The health emergency has led many people around the world to set up the home office. And Selena Gómez has also done the same but, of course, hers is not a desk with a comfortable chair in the sunniest room in the house, but what has been prepared is a home study. This is what he taught us yesterday on Instagram: it does not seem that he plans to stop working but that music will continue to occupy his time. But the wonderful thing about the image is not only that she does not plan to stop singing: it is also how Selena has once again embraced naturalness, without makeup or extensions and showing the most authentic version of herself. Is it us or does she look happier than ever?

They are also human, much more than divine. And they are passing the confinement (almost) like the rest of the planet, at home, with comfortable clothes and the minimum of beauty accessories. Thus, if Cameron DiazSarah Ferguson and even Kylie ‘artificiality’ Jenner have been able to give up their hyper produced looks, Selena could only be when she fell. Yes, even now, having a makeup line -Rare Beauty- to promote, he has preferred to pose without it and with his face washed in his home studio.

She also doesn’t seem to have used extensions, just another part of her look for years, and her slightly wavy half-mane just falls like freshly washed and air-dried over her shoulders.