Sega announces Sonic Superstars for PC and consoles; launch will still be in 2023

 Sega announces Sonic Superstars for PC and consoles;  launch will still be in 2023
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A sega announced a new game Sonic which will arrive later this year for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox Series X | s. Its about “sonic superstars” which stands out for being in the same 2D style as the most classic versions of the franchise, with the use of 3D graphics for the newest adventure of the blue hedgehog.

An announcement trailer was released and highlights this transition from the character’s old game design to the revamped version with the phrase “New Thrills, Classic Feels” (New emotions, classic sensations). Some new features include the ability to play with friends and new powers of the Chaos Emeralds.

Not only that, but the game has new levels, soundtrack and mechanics, as well as scenarios suitable for the current generation of consoles. Still, the promise is that Sonic keeps several of his classic moves and his way of controlling is familiar to the player.

In addition to the blue hedgehog, it will be possible to play with Knuckles, Tails and Amy Rose. Likewise, the seven Chaos Emeralds available will provide different types of superpowers, such as the possibility of climbing waterfalls or even creating several clones of the character.

There will also be the possibility of playing cooperatively with support for up to four players. The game’s official website has been released, but so far it hasn’t gone live yet. Finally, check out other releases that were featured at Summer Game Fest 2023, as well as Sega’s plans to bring other franchises to the big screen.

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