Home Tech News “Seers” take advantage of the Gabby Petito case to succeed on TikTok

    “Seers” take advantage of the Gabby Petito case to succeed on TikTok

    gabby petito adivinos tiktok.jpg
    gabby petito adivinos tiktok.jpg

    We know that social networks and the internet in general are very useful tools to inform and entertain ourselves, although they can also bring out the worst in society. From Insider they report that the videos related to Gabby Petito and her murder already exceed 820 million views on TikTok, but that is not the bad news.

    The problem is that, as evidenced by the search engine of the social network, one of the most popular searches is “psychic gabby petito”, although we can also get the variation “medium gabby petito”. And it is that there are not few users who have decided to take advantage of the virality of the case to pose as “fortune tellers”.

    Predictions and other lies

    These people read the latest details about the case and record a TikTok communicating the information. In these they allege that they know these details because of their psychic powers and they venture to give “confidential” information that only they know. From Insider they even report that there are cases of some who claim to have contacted the spirit of Petito.

    The seers have been making these publications since Petito’s disappearance was publicly known. Many times they have nothing to “predict” so they invent as they go and then face no consequences. In fact, your videos are getting more and more views.

    It is worth noting that no “seer” with psychic powers has really collaborated with the investigation of any case, so the misinformation to which people are subjected is very dangerous. That said, if the search for “psychic gabby petito” is so popular, it is due to the same will of the users of the social network.

    Unfortunately, we do not believe that TikTok can do too much about it, so it seems that it would only be possible to remove Gabby Petito’s hasthag, something that is not the best either.