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See how to update your apps on Apple TV 4K

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Remember that from time to time you should check if your applications are correctly updated on the Apple TV 4K, in this way you will have all the functions working comfortably for you. So upgrading is an important part, although in this case it might confuse you a bit more in this process. However, here you can find the explanation of how to do it without any conflict.

Apple Senior Vice President of Services Eddy Cue mentioned seven years ago that apps will be a fundamental part of the future on TV devices. Although it is also important to be fully updated in terms of these applications, as the constant change makes them increasingly practical.

Next You can find out everything about how to turn automatic app updates on or off on your Apple TV 4K. Also find how to update manually.

Turn automatic updates on or off for your Apple TV 4K

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Typically, the company has made this a really easy process when it comes to the tvOS system. So here it is also something quite simple to do.

  • You just have to go to Setting.
  • Then you will have to scroll down until you find apps.
  • Click on the option Automatically update apps if you want to activate or deactivate this function.
  • You will only have to observe if you are deactivating or activating the option looking to the right of the menu.

In case you have disabled updates, just head over to the Apple TV App Store to update apps individually and manually.

Manually update apps

You can fully take advantage of the auto feature of apps through the above mentioned settings, however, while easy and simple, you can also take the option to choose to update your own apps manually.

  • First, go to Setting.
  • Proceed to scroll the screen down until you find apps.
  • You will have to click on Aauto update apps until you notice it shows OFF or off to the right.
  • Then you will have to go to the App Store.
  • Now you will only have to individually locate the apps that you want to update.
  • Select the app once you’ve found it.
  • In the event that you find the Update button in said or said applications, it will mean that there is indeed an update available. If the Open button is displayed, you want to indicate that there is no update available.
  • Click on update if there is one available to update it correctly.
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You can deactivate or activate this process whenever you want.

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