Security settings that can be used so that you do not lose anything important from the mobile and its content


Although there is always the possibility of the mobile being damaged, lost or stolen, this does not have to mean that all your valuable information is lostCall them passwords, chats, contacts, photos, etc.

Yes, and in case you didn’t know, there are a few settings you can configure so that all that information stay safe and you can recover it at any timeeither from the same mobile or from a new one.

Well, it is no secret that the correct way to keep all kinds of mobile information, go through cloud backups so that the information can be retrieved easily and quickly.

Based on this then, we go with the different necessary backup copies that must be made to keep all the data on your smartphone safe.

General backup for your mobile

Android mobiles offer the possibility of make a general backupwhich is capable of including saving passwords, Wi-Fi networks, installed apps, Gmail settings, contact data, and lock screen settings.

So, to carry out this backup, it is only necessary to enter the settings of the mobile, then enter the tab Google and then click on the option make backup. To finish, you will only have to activate the box Google One Backup and ready, everything will be saved in your Google account.

Google Photos Backup

Photos are definitely one of the things that no person wants to lose if their phone is damaged or lost, so to keep all this content safe, what you can do is carry out a Google Photos backup.

Getting straight to the point, to activate the backup of Google Photos first you must enter that app and then click on your profile picture, located in the upper right corner. Next, click on the option Photos Settingsthen enter Backup and sync and finally check the box Create backup and sync.

this will be enough so that your photos are saved in your Google account tooso you can restore them without any problem from any other mobile.

WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp chats also happen to be of the most important information that we can have on our mobileso the most prudent thing would be to make a backup copy of these so that you can restore them on a new smartphone without problem.

The process to activate these copies is just as simple as the previous ones, and all you have to do is click on the three points that are displayed in the upper right corner of the screenthen enter the section settingsfollowed by chat and lastly in Backup.

There, you will only need configure the backup settings according to your needs And that’s it, you’ll also have this mobile section covered.

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