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Security Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI chatbot specialized in cybersecurity

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Microsoft Security Copilot arrives, the new Microsoft with OpenAI technology aimed at the field of cybersecurity investigations. Microsoft describes it as the first security product that allows defenders to “move at the speed and scale of AI.”

In essence, it is an AI chatbot that has a specific orientation towards cybersecurity, making it easier for professionals in this field to be more efficient in detecting security attacks and in preparing summaries of the investigations they have been carrying out. just.

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Bringing the possibilities of generative AI to online security

To do this, Microsoft Security Copilot makes use of the combination of OpenAI’s GPT-4 together with its specific security model, which in turn makes use of a growing set of specific security skills and more than 65 trillion daily signals. that the company gathers in its collection of threat intelligence.

Online security professionals will only have to enter their requests using natural language for aspects such as obtaining knowledge about previous security incidents to the creation of summaries on specific vulnerabilities, being able to know even about the most recent vulnerabilities thanks to the fact that It has information from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the vulnerability database of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and its own threat intelligence database.

In addition to information, Microsoft Security Copilot is also capable of carrying out analysis on specific elements, be they source codes, and even specific files, and of course, also web links.

Enabling more efficient security investigations and collaboration

Microsoft Security Copilot will save both the requests and the answers offered to them, and will even allow you to set those answers that are considered of special interest, and also be able to integrate them into specific workspaces, being useful for those online security professionals that are working on the same threats.

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Microsoft understands that the results will not always be correct, for which it addresses this situation, it has a closed-loop learning system that includes a tool in which professionals will provide comments that allow hallucinations to be reduced as much as possible.

Although it will initially incorporate Microsoft security products, the company has its doors open to expanding to third-party security products in the future. The company has not yet revealed the date on which Security Copilot will be officially launched, arriving now in the preview phase.

Additionally, Microsoft notes that Scurity Copilot is here to partner with, not replace, cybersecurity professionals, and that it will not use user data to train or enrich other AI models.

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Link: Microsoft Security Copilot

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