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Search Trends arrive at Google Trends in Spain

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Today, which is Journalist’s Day in Spain, Google is announcing the arrival of the Search Trends, integrating into the Google Trends website for Spainbeing already available.

To the company, this tool comes after the return of Google News last July 2022after in 2014 it had to close its operations in Spain as a result of the approval of the Intellectual Property Law, which forced Google to pay a royalty to publishers through a management entity.

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It was at the end of 2021, with the arrival of a new law, which made it possible for publishers to individually negotiate financial compensation with Google, and with this, leave the doors open for the return of Google News, as finally happened at the beginning of last summer. .

The Search Trends tool allows you to know in real time, including the fluctuations that occur over time, what are the search trends in the Google Search service together with the corresponding articles, allowing those interested to know which topics are attracting the most attention, although in addition to being useful for individual users, it will be more so for information professionals.

It is also capable of offering what the search trends have been since 2008 “until just a few minutes ago”in addition to being able to differentiate search trends as the topics that are growing the most in the same respect with respect to the “most searched” as the topics that have aroused the greatest interest in a period of time.

As examples, Google points out that searches for Bizarrap have been a very recent trend due to his collaboration with Shakira in his latest musical success, as well as searches related to blue monday.

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It also points to the film the crimes of the academy, where worldwide, Spain showed maximum interest in this film title, in addition to the film premiere of La Piedad, directed by Eduardo Casanova.

Google advises choosing a term or topic whenever possible, in addition to comparing results for different places, comparing topics with each other and knowing different places that are looking for the same thing, a “hidden” function of Trends, among other possibilities to make the most of it. the new tool that now arrives in Spain.

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