Seagate launches personalized discs ideal for Star Wars fans

Seagate launches personalized discs ideal for Star Wars fans
seagate launches personalized discs ideal for star wars fans

Today is an important date for fans of the most important space saga of all time: starwars. This is because their day is celebrated (the play on English words May the 4th be with you is used for this). The point is that Seagate has put up for sale some external drives that are for this reason and are most striking.

The three accessories belong to the range FireCudawhich ensure excellent performance, since among other features that are noteworthy are that they use a connection interface USB3.2 Gen1 to ensure a transfer speed that even allows installing applications inside without noticeable drop in performance. Besides, it is important to indicate that all models have a storage capacity of 2TBmore than enough to be a good solution.

What Makes These Seagate Drives Special

Well, without a doubt, they are the images that you will find on the casing of each of the three models. These represent characters that are currently very well known in the Star Wars universe (thanks especially to the Disney+ video platform). They are the following: boba fettthe mythical bounty hunter that premiered in the first trilogy; grog, which is the closest thing to a relative of the always beloved Yoda; and, also, Mandalorian, the armored character who stars in such a good series.


Apart from this, it should be noted that each Seagate drive has its own lighting leds that adjusts depending on the character you have on the shell: red, bright blue and intense blue, respectively. Therefore, a special touch is given with this addition. Ideal, therefore, when they are used in dark places because you will know perfectly well if they are working properly.

Compatibility and price of these accessories

In the first case, it should be noted that you can use the external drives we are talking about with practically any device that comes to mind, since their compatibility includes options such as Windows; Macs; Xbox and PlayStation. In addition, their use is very simple because they do not require the use of any controller when connected to a USB port (from which they take power directly).


In what has to do with prices, all models can be obtained for €134.99, a price that is not exactly crazy. An excellent option to celebrate Star Wars day, since in this link you can get any of the models right now.


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