Seagate announces the Firecuda 540, its first SSD under PCie 5 with dizzying transfer speeds

seagate announces the firecuda 540 its first ssd under pcie.jpg
seagate announces the firecuda 540 its first ssd under pcie.jpg

SSDs taking advantage of the PCIe 5.0 interface slowly tip their chips. The fifth generation of PCIe promises bandwidth of up to 14 GB/s, but it should not be widely available until 2024. However, some component manufacturers such as Seagate are starting to introduce new SSDs to this standard. .

Credit: Seagate

Today, Seagate announces the Firecuda 540 under interface Gen 5 PCIe. According to the American company, this high-end SSD “breaks all records, with a transfer speed of up to 10,000 MB/s, it is twice as fast as 4th generation PCIe and 17 times faster than SATA SSDs “.

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THE Firecuda 540 Phison E26 controller allows it to reach transfer speeds of up to 10,000 MB/s, making it particularly suitable for PC gamer setups as well as PS5, if paired with an effective dispel mechanism heat, “such as a heat sink or heat transfer sheet”. It will be offered in capacities of 1 or 2 TB.

The Firecuda 540 offers transfer speeds of up to 10,000MB/s

According Cowcotlandthe lifetime of Firecuda 540 will be 1000TB for 1TB version and 2000TB for 2TB version. In other words, you will be able to rewrite the content 1000 times of each of these drives during their warranty period before the memory cells begin to deteriorate. It particularly stands out from its competitors by its 0.55 DWPD staminaa measure of a reader’s daily sign-up capacity during the warranty period.

Both Firecuda 540 models come with a 5-year warranty and the prices in France will be €229.90 for 1 TB and €374.90 for 2 TB. To fully enjoy the extraordinary capacities of this SSD, it will be necessary to have a muscular configuration. With PC motherboard sales plummeting, the majority of compatible hardware won’t be released until 2024. Seagate hasn’t announced an official release date for the Firecuda 540.

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