SeaCoast: the “Google Maps” of the sea that also rewards you for using it

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There are many map applications, but there are hardly any that aim to help those who navigate. SeaCoast arrives to solve this and, moreover, with a very ambitious goal: “to become the Google Maps of the sea”, according to Jose Manuel Arnaiz, CEO of the company. And, the truth is that there is no lack of tools for it. With the use of augmented reality, what is intended is to provide those who sail near the coast with the possibility of being able to know what is in the place they are visiting, whether it can be seen with the naked eye or not.

And, this is a tremendous help both so that there are no mishaps in the water and to enjoy everything that the area can offer once we set foot on land. A complete and effective platform, this is SeaCoast The service offered by the company consists of three perfectly differentiated legs and each of them has the ultimate goal of offering a complete service that maximizes help and exponentially reduces problems in coastal navigation: ShareView: it is key to the entire platform, since it is a solution that includes a virtual assistant to help navigation through the fusion of augmented reality and maps. You can solve any doubt you have on the boat at a single glance in the application and, in addition, prevent all kinds of difficulties because it offers alerts for jellyfish, anchorage, divers, etc. in real time.PortView: supported by Ports 4.0, it allows you to manage everything that has to do with the boat mooring process using augmented reality and audio assistance.PapernBoat: helps you book your mooring in the port from anywhere in the world on real time.

The $COAST tokens, the big difference The aim is to use them -specifically by obtaining them- for SeaCoast users to share the information they acquire while browsing. In this way, tokens are achieved if geo-referenced elements are shared that can later be used so that Thanks to the $COAST tokens, loyalty in the use of the service is also sought. The more information about the coastal areas is shared on the platform, the users will accumulate them and level up -there are three, crew member, sailor or captain-, which will allow them to obtain different rewards that can range from priority access to marinas or buoys , discounts at venues, invitations to events, etc.

Thematic channels will also be created from SeaCoast where NFTs can be obtained to further personalize the user profile. Launch and access to information It is scheduled to be released on October 17. With a website on which there is already a large amount of information and a Telegram channel open to all users, which is currently promoting a Paddle Surf draw, SeaCoast has all the ballots to be a revolution in coastal navigation for all. sea ​​lovers.

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