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    Scientists use AI to reveal that global warming already affects 85% of the world’s population

    cambio climatico inteligencia artificial afecta humanos.jpg
    cambio climatico inteligencia artificial afecta humanos.jpg

    A paper published in the journal Nature reveals how the anthropogenic climate impact would already be affecting more than 90% of the planet’s surface. Almost all of this space is inhabited by humans, so the vast majority of the world’s population already suffers the ravages of global warming.

    To arrive at these numbers, scientists from the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change used artificial intelligence that received data from more than 100,000 papers on the subject. The AI ​​analyzed research done even in 1958, so it was well “informed.”

    Changes in temperature occur mainly in the US and Europe

    Automated process

    The AI ​​was then provided with location data and the surface of the planet to cross data and determine where it sees changes related to anthropogenic theory. It proposes that humans will suffer climate change due to the burning of fossil fuels.

    The AI ​​determined that there are already palpable changes in 85% of the globe, although scientists consider that the number is likely higher. Additionally, the researchers found that impact was easier for AI to determine when targeting resource-rich countries.

    Similarly, the poorest countries continue to be affected even though they produce too few emissions to be responsible for climate change.

    The fact that published evidence is scant, even where we can observe man-made changes in temperature or precipitation, shows that there is an urgent need for more scientific studies of the impacts of climate change in the global south.

    Max Callaghan, author of the study.

    An excerpt from the study, which used the BERT language model for AI, can be read in the following link.