Scientists believe this is the best place to try to see extraterrestrial ships

scientists believe this is the best place to try to see extraterrestrial ships
scientists believe this is the best place to try to see extraterrestrial ships

That we have not been able to confirm the sighting of any UFO does not mean that there are no extraterrestrial ships that swarm our skies. And that is something that many scientists defend to the last of the consequences. Hence, for example, a new study tells us where we have to go if we want to have more opportunities to encounter unidentified flying objects.

Possibly there are people who, if they knew where they could come across UFOs , would do everything in their power to avoid those locations. But, in most cases, what we want is to have that experience of seeing “something” in the sky that we cannot identify. For this, this new study can be very useful.

An in-depth study

The bad news is that this work has been concentrated in the United States and not globally, although we can possibly apply its knowledge. To do this, what they have done has been to use reports of sightings of unidentified objects or unidentified aerial phenomenon as they are called in recent times. They have used data collected from 2001 to 2020 and this has allowed them to shape a heat map that makes it easy to verify that there are a series of critical areas for this type of records.

That the study had this type of conclusion has been somewhat applauded, since a map in which the different places were scattered in random areas would have been less interesting. Seeing that the majority of sightings are concentrated in specific regions is something that is, to say the least, interesting. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, the photo just above this paragraph is real. It is shared by the United States National Archives and dates back to November 23, 1951 in Riverside , being cataloged as a UFO sighting.

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The secret is in the west

This is the first thing to keep in mind. The west is the place on the North American map where there is a greater volume of sightings of unidentified objects. Furthermore, historically it is curious that it is also the region that has the greatest number of areas of interest if we talk about extraterrestrial spaceships, possible alien visits and other related factors. After all, let’s not forget that this is where Nevada is with Area 51 or New Mexico with Roswell. Those who know the area also say that in Utah there is usually above-normal military activity in a different way than that seen in other regions of the country.

The relevance of this analysis project is greater than you can imagine. Almost 100,000 sightings recorded in the NUFORC reporting center have been taken into account. All of them have been analyzed and accounted for , both those that were registered through the Internet and those that were reported through more traditional methods.

The most important thing is that they have not limited themselves to implementing the volume of sightings, but have also taken into account several factors corresponding to each of them. First: the state of the sky at that time based on pollution or clouds. And second: the possibilities that there was some type of human element that was responsible for that report, such as the number of airports and flights that were passing through the area. The reason for taking all this into account is that they wanted to count “real” sightings and not those cases in which a person is too strong to believe that he has seen something paranormal when, in reality, there was a logical explanation.

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That said, they recognize that there are a large number of cases in which the sightings are solidly recorded and in which, yes, for now it is not known what is hidden behind it. They refer to the fact that they could be extraterrestrial ships , but also atmospheric phenomena or even some type of machinery that corresponds to another country. Furthermore, we must not leave aside that, these days, SpaceX is filling the sky with satellites and other elements that make those who see them believe that they are ships.

As you will have seen in the map that we have attached above, the redder areas are those in which the sighting has a higher chance of materializing. If you are traveling to the United States, this will be the type of place you should travel to . These places include both Nevada and New Mexico, as we have already mentioned before, as well as Washington. They are, in general, places that have a lower level of light pollution than other parts of the country. Therefore, as we said, if you were planning to go in search of UFOs, you already know where you have to buy a plane ticket.