Sci-fi fashion, a trend for 2023 according to searches carried out on Pinterest

For years now, a report has been published on Pinterest indicating what is most searched for on its platform by its 400 million users.

This is the Pinterest Predicts report, and we already have it available in 2023, where, among other things, it seems clear that SCI-Fi Fashion will be the protagonist of the coming months.

The full report is on, and from there we can see where society is headed and how advertisers can add value to those moments of planning.

The SCI-FI Fashion trend is based on the searches carried out by users, where the following stand out:

– Dystopian Fashion(+)215%
– Avant-garde clothing(+)225%
– Cybernetic casual clothing (+)70%
– Female gamer style(+)3370%
– Futuristic glasses (+)70%

This fashion is based on a fondness for the digital future and the cybernetic aesthetic that we see in many video games. Dark cinematic fantasies, increasingly present in series and movies, define the clothing of our society, and it seems that the dark, the dark and the dystopian is having quite a success.

It is interesting to analyze this type of trend, mainly in the world of marketing and graphic design, since if users are looking for specific elements, these may be the protagonists of the ads and content in general that we publish on social networks.

In the same way that Freepik announced its design trends for 2023, Pinterest will help us define the foundations of the work for the coming months.

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