Say goodbye to your old WhatsApp avatar, you can now create one with your selfie photo: this is how you can do it in seconds

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814678971 238153985 1706x960.jpg

The arrival of this new function to WhatsApp in Spain has been expected for months. You can now take a selfie photo to turn it into an avatar.

The chat app defined these avatars created from a selfie photo as the ‘Meta Avatars’, but that name has completely disappeared from the announcement it made today for Spain, Europe and the United Kingdom so take the camera and create a funny avatar and faithful to the characteristics of the person’s face.

WhatsApp has been looking for a way to users customize stickers, avatars and other types of graphics in a way that they can use their own personal image to represent it with gestures, animations or a photo that they can put on their personal profile.

The greatest example of this digital representation has arrived today in Spain with the ability to take a selfie with the camera so that in a few seconds WhatsApp offers different avatars based on the photograph taken with the mobile phone. It offers several suggestions and the user decides one or the other to represent them, or even use a funnier avatar to change their profile a little.

How to create an avatar with a photo

The options that WhatsApp gives after choosing one of the suggestions is for refine more in some key aspects of the person and thus it can be defined in a better way. To create an avatar from a photo it is done this way in Spain:

On iOS the steps are similar with the possibility of selecting the skin tone to match the real one and even make more changes to personalize them. Of course, you must keep in mind that the update is already beginning to be deployed, and it may take a few days, so if it is not available, a little patience.

WhatsApp in this announcement has made it clear that the photo will not be used for any other purpose and will delete it from its servers while the user is already using it as their profile photo. Also, to use this new functionality for the first time, you will have to access the updated privacy policy.

A very interesting novelty for release new profile photo on WhatsApp with one that best represents the person and thus make this Christmas even more fun and enjoyable, or simply help older relatives to take an avatar from their photo.

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