Say goodbye to WhatsApp group names

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Until now, creating a WhatsApp group was synonymous with having to spend a few minutes thinking about the best name for it based on the members who were going to meet there. Thinking about the name of a WhatsApp group can become a real challenge if it does not have a specific plan as its objective: celebrate a birthday, organize a trip or talk about a specific topic, among many other situations. Meta seems to have finally understood it. And, for this reason, she has simplified the creation of WhatsApp groups as much as possible, preventing the name from being essential for its creation.

Just a few minutes ago, Mark Zuckerberg He used his personal Facebook account to report the latest news that WhatsApp was going to incorporate with the following updates and that directly affects one of the most used formats: groups. From now on, any user will be able to create a group conversation without having to define the name in advance. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary name these chats at the time of creating them.

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This feature is intended to help users create the groups, even when they have not decided on the topic or cannot wait to think of its name to start exchanging messages. However, and with the aim of differentiating them from traditional groups, they do there will be certain limitations which we will explain below.

A maximum of six users

A few months ago, WhatsApp made official the expansion of the number of people who could be in the same conversation, increasing to 1,024 participants, as its website states. However, and in order to respect their privacy, the courier company will only allow a maximum of six participants for all those groups that do not have a name in the app.

Their names will be dynamic and will be adapted depending on the users who have been added to each group. In the example that Zuckerberg himself has published on his Facebook account, the group name is inherited from the names of the contacts that are in it. However, it remains to be seen whether this name will continue to be dynamic and will also adapt as we include new participants in the conversation.

Different name for each participant

WhatsApp has indeed stated that the names that will appear on each device They will be different. Taking as an example our incursion into a group with people that we do not have saved in our agenda. In this case, we will see our mobile phone number as the group name. Therefore, it is understood that it is a type of format that is intended for groups that do not haven great durability over time and that, in addition, they are going to be trained with close people with whom we do have contact.

Although it is true that an exact implementation date has not been given, it is expected that this new update will arrive in the coming days worldwide. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg’s team continues trying to improve the app. Yesterday he presented SeamlessM4T, a new multimodal AI model which will also be integrated into WhatsApp and will allow the application to evolve in translation and transcription functions in up to 100 languages.

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