Say goodbye to Google Assistant: ChatGPT can replace it on your Android mobile

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811678868 237809495 1706x960.jpg

Code has been discovered in the ChatGPT app that reveals it could be used as the system’s default voice assistant.


Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistants available in Spain, and it will be even better when it receives the features that Bard provides. However, ChatGPT could replace it on Android phones, just as Alexa has tried, making it usable as the default assistance app, and using voice for commands.

This is an option that could interest many people, since the OpenAI assistant, at least in its paid versions, is already capable of listening and talking to users, as well as analyzing images and answering questions about them. , among other capabilities.

Assistant and ChatGPT are not directly comparable, as they are quite different in some aspects. The first has real-time access to information, and is integrated into a large number of services and devices such as headphones. The OpenAI model, for its part, has great creative capabilities, and is capable of understanding the context in a better way.

A more accessible ChatGPT

The best way for a group of users to use an application or service more frequently is to make it easily accessible and convenient to use. Microsoft has just announced that it will integrate a key exclusively dedicated to Copilot on Windows computers. OpenAI wants to make its AI just as easy to use on Android.

Currently, it is possible to change the default assistant on Android, which allows you to use Alexa instead of Google Assistant in those cases where you have a preference for the Amazon assistant. This is an extremely positive thing, since it gives the user the freedom to choose the assistant with which they feel most comfortable, and ChatGPT would be the next to be able to do so.


It has been discovered in the code of the Android application that OpenAI is already preparing its software to be able to respond like an assistant, with a small pop-up balloon that give a signal to the user that they are already being heard. It is an overlay that, yes, currently closes as soon as it is opened.

How to collect AndroidAuthority, The function does not seem to be finished, so we will have to wait to enjoy it. When it can be used, just go to the Settings section of Default Applications, and once there select ChatGPT as an assistant app.

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