Say goodbye to Clubhouse invitations: the social network opens its doors to all users

The “beta version” label is very useful for developers, who often resort to it when things still do not know if they are going to work well. In other times, these processes took many months and were tested within a very narrow circle of collaborators, although Clubhouse has found it great to promote a certain air of exclusivity in the face of all its competition. That has meant that for months, the possibility of entering the social network was just a matter of waiting for someone who was already inside to remember us to clear the way, or otherwise, we would have to stay seated until someone opened the door wide open. Something that just happened and that has turned Clubhouse into one more social network in which we can choose whether to participate or not. Goodbye beta version … So, and practically two months after the arrival of Clubhouse for Android, the social network opens its doors so that all users can enter, without the need for an invitation from anyone. So if you want to try what it is like to access audio rooms, you just have to go through the app store of your smartphone and start the whole process. Clubhouse is a new social networking concept that is a lot like a live podcast where a host of hosts talk about any topic imaginable while an expectant audience listens to everything that is being said. Even at certain times we can raise our hands to ask for a turn to speak and also offer our point of view. Although the idea seems too simple, in reality it is like listening to a video on Twitch or YouTube where any topic is discussed (sports, technology, culture, politics, trends, fashion, cinema, television, etc.) and we listen to it when we go on the street, with helmets and as a radio program. A brilliant idea that, yes, gives us the opportunity to participate as creators if we think we are good at talking about a topic. For now, this concept has allowed Clubhouse to grow rapidly in recent months, with a very high peak of downloads in February, where it reached 9.6 million. In June, there were 7.7 million users who both on iOS and Android wanted to see what is going on within this original social network.