Saxony-Anhalt is planning new test runs for digital school reports

saxony anhalt is planning new test runs for digital school reports.jpg
saxony anhalt is planning new test runs for digital school reports.jpg

Certificates should soon be available digitally and forgery-proof nationwide. The implementation with a blockchain was stopped. New tests are now planned.

In the future, school reports should be able to be created digitally nationwide – new test runs are now being planned for the technology commissioned by Saxony-Anhalt. The revision of the concept should be completed in October, announced the Digital Ministry in Magdeburg. After that, more tests will follow.

The further process is currently being clarified with all those involved, said Digital State Secretary Bernd Schlömer of the dpa. “But I expect that we will be much further along in the first quarter of 2023.”

In spring 2022 it became known that the system developed by Bundesdruckerei based on so-called blockchain technology apparently had weaknesses. The test run was therefore aborted.

From Schlömer’s point of view, the blockchain technology for the creation of school reports is “oversized”. Much simpler procedures could be used, said the State Secretary. That is part of the considerations with the Bundesdruckerei.

From the State Secretary’s point of view, having tested the technology was not a mistake. “We have to try things boldly, and if we don’t succeed then we’re smarter,” says Schlömer. It should be tested whether a secure creation of certificates for the provision of digital school reports appears possible and appropriate with the help of newly emerging technologies. And if the realization is that this is not suitable, the error and learning culture must be to break off and set up the technology again.

The awarding of certificates in digital form is a project for the implementation of the nationwide Online Access Act (OZG) – it obliges the federal, state and local governments to provide almost 600 administrative services via the Internet. Saxony-Anhalt has taken the lead in education.

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