Save 44 euros: how to get two free months of Google premium AI

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save 44 euros how to get two free months of.jpg

Google Gemini Artificial Intelligence Model

Google is unifying all its Artificial Intelligence services under the Gemini brand and what better way to decide if we like the service than to be able to try it completely free. The technology giant provides all users with a Google account the opportunity to save 44 euros which cost two months of AI Premium subscription.

Google is diving headlong into competing face to face with ChatGPT and OpenAI, who right now have control of the Generative Artificial Intelligence. The technology giant has presented Gemini, which in addition to the LLM language model will be the assistant that replaces Bard and which you can try completely free in its premium plan.

Two free months of AI Premium

The Gemini Advanced tool is Google’s winning horse, in which they are going to integrate the most advanced functions, and that is why it is paid in the ChatGPT Plus style. This paid subscription, which you can get for free for a limited time, has the most advanced version of Google’s AI model: Ultra 1.0.

This is better than the free version that you can try at for example in the fact that it is, according to the most popular search engine company, much more capable in tasks such as reasoning, follow instructions, program and collaborate creatively. It is not only based on human language, but can understand, explain and generate high-quality code in many programming languages. Beyond text, it is designed to understand and respond to a wide range of requests, including text, images, and code.

Google Gemini, Artificial Intelligence assistant

How to get it? You simply have to follow the link for the subscriptions available on Google One. To the far right (at the end of the scroll if you see it on mobile), you will see that the AI Premium subscription is available for 0 euros per month During two months.

He Regular price is 21.99 euros per month for this subscription, but thanks to this limited promotion you can test the progress at zero cost. Once your free trial ends, you will be billed at the regular price, but you can always cancel at any time at no additional cost.

More than AI

One of the advantages that Google presents over OpenAI is that, beyond the performance it may or may not have compared to ChatGPT, the subscription gives access to many more incentives for a similar price.Google Gemini Tool by AI

For example, in the AI ​​Premium subscription you have available 2 TB of cloud storage on Google One, a shared storage between Google Photos, Drive and Gmail. You can also share the plan with up to 5 people. In addition, it has other advantages of the previous plan, the Premium plan, such as help from Google experts, VPN for multiple devices or a dark web monitor with which you receive alerts if your personal information, such as your email address and phone number, phone, it’s on the dark web.

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