Save $15 when you get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Subscription services for entertainment have been around for a while, starting with Netflix and expanding to both Amazon Video and Disney Plus, and only recently reaching the gaming world. One of the first in the game for both consoles and PCs was Microsoft with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, offering many great games for a small monthly subscription. Luckily, this 4th of July deal nets you a $30 3-month subscription from CDKeys, whereas it would normally cost $45 if you went through Microsoft. That’s $15 you get to save to potentially spend on more games, which is always a win.

Why you should buy the 3-Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

While other publishers like EA offer their own subscription service, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is arguably still the best, with the largest selection of games rotating in and out every month. It has many big names across genres, from Age of Empires to Minecraft, and No Man’s Sky to Stardew Valley, so you have a ton of great classics to play. If that wasn’t enough, Game Pass Ultimate also includes an EA play membership, so you can play a lot of EA games for free, which is just that much more value to the whole deal. That said, be aware that you’ll need to download the Origin app as well on PC, which might be annoying for some, but there are a lot of great games on there, too, such as Jedi Fallen Order and a few different Need for Speed games.

There are a lot of other great perks, too, such as up to 20% discount on games on the Microsoft store and up to 10% discount on add-ons and DLC. You also get the ability to play games on the cloud, and that includes everything from PCs to tablets and even some TVs that support the feature. The best thing is that this applies to both PC and Xbox consoles, such as the Xbox Series X, so if you enjoy gaming on both devices, this is a one-stop shop for everything. You can even get Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck if you have that.

All in all, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is an amazing service, and for just $30 from CDKeys, you can get three months of it and save yourself that extra $15. If you’re not as interested in the PC aspect of the subscription service, check out some of the Xbox Live Gold deals instead.

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