Sandals used by Steve Jobs in the 1970s are auctioned for more than 200 thousand dollars


Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, is considered an influential character in contemporary history, with contributions that transcend from technology to entertainment and marketing.

As with other people of such importance, those who follow his work are capable of doing the impossible to obtain a piece of his history. Proof of this is the sale of a pair of old sandals, used by Jobs in the period of his first adventures with Apple, for a figure that exceeds $220 thousand dollars, according to the auction house that managed this transaction.

Old Steve Jobs sandals were auctioned for a large sum of money

This pair of pieces of footwear, from the German brand Birkenstock, are made of brown suede, with notable marks of use that preserve the imprint of Steve Jobs’s feet. According to Julien’s Auctions, the auction house in charge of this sale, these seventies sandals set the record for the highest price ever paid for this type of footwear.

At the time of publication, the expectations around these sandals were around a sale price of around $60 thousand dollars. However, at the final moment of the sale, these pieces reached a value of $218,750 dollars. The buyer, who in addition to the sandals received a NFT as proof of authenticity, keeps his identity confidential.

For collectors, the value of these shoes lies, in addition to the inherent weight of the figure of Jobs, in the period in which they were used, since Apple was founded precisely in 1976 in the house of Jobs’s parents, a building that today is considered a historical monument.

In the article file Posted on the auction house’s website, additional details about this collector’s item are provided, such as the origin of the items. There it is pointed out that these sandals were rescued from the garbage by Mark Sheff, former manager of Steve Jobs’s house, during one of the many cleanings carried out in the place.

In the 1970s, Jobs was defined as an “environmentalist, alternative and supporter of the New Age” and the use of these sandals was part of his imprint at the time. His ex-wife, Chrisann Brennan, commented on these articles that “He would never have done or bought something just to stand out from the crowd. He simply was convinced of the intelligence and practicality of the design and the comfort of wearing it. And in Birkenstocks he didn’t feel like a businessman, so he had the freedom to think creatively.”.

Before being auctioned, these sandals were the center of various exhibitions, between the United States, Germany and Italy.

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