Samsung’s roll-up smartphone could have been seen in the hands of a manager

Samsung is a world leader in the manufacture of foldable OLED displays, and the company has recently launched some smartphones with these types of displays, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip. However, the company is also known to be working on a new form factor for smartphones with a rollable OLED screen, as they have confirmed this in the past. Like the Galaxy Z Fold, the device would allow it to be used both as a normal smartphone, and unrolled to take the shape of a small tablet, giving users the best of both worlds. Samsung’s possible roll-up smartphone might have been seen for the first time in the hands of Samsung vice president Lee Jae-yong. In the image that leads the article, we can see the Samsung executive with a device in hand that has a form factor that we have never seen before. However, it looks similar to the patent for a Samsung smartphone that we had seen before, in the image below.

Samsung is believed to have let some people see this phone at CES 2020. Its first public appearance at the hands of the Vice President of Samsung suggests that Samsung is on track to launch the device sometime in 2021.

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