Samsung’s new foldable is the return of one of its classic phones

Samsung has presented a self-tribute to its own history, the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro inspired by one of the classics.


The 2000s were probably the most innovative in history a of mobile telephony since its beginnings. During this period it seemed that a new legendary mobile phone was released every month, a race that culminated in the arrival of “smartphones” with the first iPhone and the first Android phones.

That was when brands like Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson were dealing blows to each other, and the market. And among this battle, a brand began to stand out that would give a lot of talk in the following two decades, Samsung with very innovative and advanced models with the most popular formats.

Today, we look back on a launch that aims to remind us of that era of innovation; he new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro It is a heartfelt self-homage from Samsung to its own developments, specifically, one of the mobile phones that changed everything.

The mobile phone in question is SGH-E700, released in 2003, exactly 20 years ago. Behind that name that is so easy to remember (those were other times), hides one of the most groundbreaking mobile phones on the market, being the first from Samsung to have an integrated antenna. What seems basic today was a revolutionary feature at the time, as back then the antennas sticking out of the device to get the coverage needed to make calls and receive text messages were still a big nuisance for some brands.

The SGH-E700, on the other hand, integrated the antenna into the device itself; In other words, the cell phone itself was an “antenna” that received telephone signals. The great advantage of this innovation was in the design, since the mobile phone could be much smaller and more elegant, without protuberances or strange additions. It is not surprising that today the same concept is still used, something that we can see if we look at our smartphone and the lines that ‘break’ the design.

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Those lines can be seen, for example, on the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro. This new version of the foldable comes as a limited edition that will be available in Spain and other markets starting November 1. It is inspired by the SGH-E700, something that is especially noticeable in the colors chosen, including the combination of indigo blue and silver that was so popular in mobile phones at that time.

And of course, the Flip is a clamshell phone, like the SGH-E700, although that’s the only thing they have in common; The Flip uses a flexible interior screen to achieve a size of 6.7 inches when open, which dwarfs the original’s 128-pixel screen. Although curiously, the classic mobile also had a second external screen, only 96 pixels but capable of displaying information such as the name of the person who was calling us or the name of the MP3 song that we were playing.


The system will use a theme inspired by 2000s pixel graphics, and will feature an exclusive animation on the outer screen, designed to inspire nostalgia. In the box we will also find cards with the logos used in the different eras of Samsung, a case and a collector card with a serial number to verify that it is a limited edition. At the moment, there is no information on its price.