Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 may have a larger and more functional external display


Year after year, the exterior of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is becoming more and more similar to what many wanted from the start, that is, with a very large display that can allow you to perform most tasks without having to open. the smartphone.

The first Galaxy Z Flip had a 1.06 inch external display almost useless on which only the time, date, some sparse notification and commands for the audio player were shown. Fortunately, the situation has improved a lot with the Galaxy Z Flip3. The external OLED display, in fact, became 1.9-inch offering the possibility to view a lot of content and allowing, through the Good Lock tool, to even use apps.

With Good Lock you can also use apps on the external display

According to rumors, however, with the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip4 the external display it may have a diagonal greater than 2 inches, making it even more functional. To hypothesize this possibility was Ross Young, analyst and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), which however did not give more detailed information. Young, however, is to be considered a very reliable source

Z Flip 4 will have a larger cover display than the z Flip 3. Begins with a 2 rather than 1.9 “…

Being able to perfect its leaflets more and more, year after year, is certainly a very important challenge for Samsung which at the moment is certainly the leader in this market segment in which it believed right away and in which it continues to be very optimistic. The competition, however, is starting to take its toll.

In addition to integrating a larger display on the Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung is also trying to increase the autonomy. Recent rumors, in fact, would point to a slight increase in the capacity of one of the two batteries in the fold. We are talking about only 100mAh plus that, also considering the adoption of a more efficient processor, it could still translate into a few more hours of operation.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Z Flip4 along with its older brother, the Galaxy Z Fold4, during the second half of the year, probably in August. According to rumors, moreover, a third form factor could also be added this year (a rollable is thought to be) which could allow the Korean company to further increase its advantage over its competitors.

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 256GB, Violet


  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is available online from Pskmegastore at 583 euros or from eBay to 648 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available online from Amazon at 890 euros.

Available on: Galaxy Z Flip 3 for 649 euros and Galaxy Z Flip for 1,346 euros. (Update February 28, 2022, 09:32 am)

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