Samsung would be working on three new folding smartphones

Samsung would be working on three new folding smartphones
Samsung Would Be Working On Three New Folding Smartphones.jpg

Samsung would be working on three new folding smartphones

MSPowerUser has released new rumors about the next Samsung home brochures, following a tweet from Max Weinbach, one of the XDA developers. The company is planning to release a new Lite version of Galaxy Fold and a decidedly lower list price than the classic version, equal to 1100 dollars.

In addition, the Seoul company, could go further and launch 3 new foldables. One of these could present Galaxy Z Flip-style ultra-thin folding glass (UTG) while the other two models of the plastic-like panels as seen on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Folding smartphones have become ever more current even if they are still not exactly perfect with various defects or shortcomings. However, more and more brands are investing in this sector, among these we also find Xiaomi.

Samsung can be considered the pioneer of the foldable revolution, having been among the first companies to launch this trend. Last year, the tech giant released the Galaxy Fold, while in February it surprised everyone by announcing the Galaxy Z Flip with an old-fashioned design but with the integration of the latest available technologies. In addition, there are already several rumors regarding the next Galaxy Fold 2 which should arrive in September along with the new Galaxy Notes.

This is clearly only rumors and Samsung could implement changes to what has been leaked so far, in fact no official confirmations have arrived. We also have no information on the possible release dates but in all likelihood we will be able to know something more within the next few weeks.