Samsung will change the mark of its xiso-cell cameras sensors

Samsung will change the mark of its xiso-cell cameras sensors

South Korean Samsung is also one of the largest camera sensor manufacturers used on mobile phones of various brands around the world.

His Isocell brand debuted in the Galaxy S5 and in the coming years, adopted titles such as Isoell Plus and Isoll 2.0. The next generation of manufacturer sensors will adopt the title xiso-cell after Samsung registered the brand.

According to the Galaxy Club website, Samsung registered the Xiso-Cell brand in Korean Intellectual Property Information Service), the body responsible for regulating intellectual properties in the country.

Although the documentation reveals the source and the name, it does not bring other information. It is not clear whether the Galaxy S23 Ultra 200 megapixel camera will adopt this new brand, for example.

Reproduction: Galaxy Club.

The “Isoell” brand originated from the expression isolated cells, the method Samsung uses to reduce interference and noise between two adjacent camera pixels. At the moment, it is not possible to know what this X in front of the Isocell brand means in terms of performance or image quality.

In October, Samsung announced Isoell HPX, another 200 megapixel sensor and maintains pixel size at 0.56μm. It has 4 times zoom without loss of quality and can take pictures in this state of 12 megapixels. Compared to the past generation with 0.64μm, it has a reduction in the size of the 12% pixels

A few months ago, Sony launched the IMX989 sensor, which should be equipped in the Xiaomi 13 flagship.

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