Samsung warms up for the presentation of the Galaxy S24 by showing its impressive zoom with AI

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 wants to revolutionize the way you take and edit photos: Samsung advances how its generative AI works



There is very little left until we see the Samsung Galaxy S24 live and direct, the brand has put the date of the next Unpacked for January 17 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain. We have seen numerous rumors, we know that Generative AI will be one of the pillars of phones and now we have several details confirmed by Samsung itself. 2024 looks very competitive.

If we had to make a summary of 2023 to highlight a technology that has marked the year, there is no doubt that that position is reserved for the Generative AI. ChatGPT and equivalents jumped from the tech sphere to the general scene, creating images from scratch is easier than ever thanks to tools like Bing and DALL-E 3. AND the trend is reaching devices, 2024 is not going to leave a single person without their dose of generative AI. The Samsung Galaxy S24 will be a good example.

AI to improve photo zoom

Galaxy AI
Samsung Galaxy S24 reservation page

We do not know precisely how generative AI will influence the Samsung Galaxy S24, rumors point to a Improved Bixby with content generation capabilities. Without having more clues than what the brand itself showed in the Unpacked preview, Google Bard’s AI will surely share space with its namesake Bixby. Not only that.

Samsung has shown several videos where it advances the qualities of its new AI applied to photography. This is not new, since the camera app has been using Artificial Intelligence for many years to apply portrait mode cropping or suggest best focusFor example, although the Samsung Galaxy S24 would go up a level thanks to the generation capabilities.

In the three videos that Samsung has shown, the AI ​​applied to the zoom allows the image to be enlarged to high levels maintaining the detail of the foreground and the environment. As an example, the capture of a hot air balloon is shown: the Galaxy S24’s AI can zoom in on the object in the distance so as not to lose the photo. It remains to be seen if this sharpening zoom effect is applied in real time or on the image gallery; with improved editing tools, just like Google does in the Pixel 8 Pro.

The following sample videos exemplify the AI ​​zoom capabilities in what Samsung calls “Galaxy AI,” a new name that encompasses all of the artificial intelligence applied to the company’s mobile devices. According to the advances, the owners of a Samsung Galaxy S24 (it remains to be seen if in all models or only in the Ultra) You can change the size of any object or person in the photograph.

Select an element of the image, delete it with AI or change its size while the system invents the empty spaces in the photo: from what the videos promise, the operation would be quite similar to the AI ​​editing tool that Google Photos adds to the Pixel 8 Pro.

Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung image

We have just over a week left to see first-hand everything that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will offer based on Artificial Intelligence, one of the points where the devices launched throughout 2024 will be most differentiated. We have AI for a while .

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