Samsung surprises with the first OLED screen with a fingerprint sensor and heart rate!

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Samsung has dominated television sales for 17 years, and is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of OLED screens for smartphones and tablets. The secret of your success? Samsung Display, its division of screens and that does not stop surprising with new innovations with which to surprise users. For example, at CES 2022 they marked a before and after by presenting their QD-OLED screen technology for the Smart TV market. We are talking about a panel that combines the best of OLED technology with its well-known Quantum Dots to offer impressive brightness levels, exquisite colorimetry and fewer retention and burn-in problems by avoiding the use of an RGB filter, as is the case with a traditional OLED panel. . And now, the colleagues of SamMobile have echoed the latest invention presented by the screen division of the Korean company. In this way, Samsung Display has introduced the world’s first mobile OLED panel with a built-in fingerprint reader and heart rate sensor. This OLED screen could arrive in 2024 Obviously, we are dealing with a product that has just been presented, so it is very difficult for the expected Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, its next folding phones, to debut this new OLED screen technology . The good thing about this screen is that, as Samsung has reported, it is the first in the world with this capacity, and once they finish polishing the manufacturing process, its cost will be the same as that of an OLED panel with a fingerprint reader. In addition, it opens doors to future health monitoring. Samsung Display, has announced that it will exhibit the world’s first OLED panel with integrated fingerprint and cardiovascular tracking technologies during the SID Display Week 2023 event at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California, USA. We are talking about one of the most important screen fairs, so it is normal that you take advantage of this idyllic setting to present your new technology. This new panel has a built-in light detection system so that it is not necessary to integrate a separate fingerprint reader, but it will be part of the same screen, significantly saving costs. Regarding its operation, just by placing your fingers on the screen, the device will perform a much more precise biometric authentication, and at the same time it will measure your blood pressure to ensure that everything works as it should. In addition, the new OLED panel is expected to be able to measure the user’s stress levels as well. An executive from Samsung Display said, “To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, it is necessary to measure the blood pressure of both arms. The OLED Sensor display can simultaneously detect the fingers of both hands, providing more accurate health information than existing wearable devices. “An innovative product that, with total security, we will see in the most premium phones of 2024. For the Samsung Galaxy S25? >

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