Samsung revolutionizes mobile payment: this is the alliance with MasterCard to use Wallet

samsung revolutionizes mobile payment this is the alliance with mastercard to use wallet
samsung revolutionizes mobile payment this is the alliance with mastercard to use wallet

This agreement with MasterCard’s Wallet Express will allow Spanish and European users to have more options to make their payments.

Samsung Wallet replaced Samsung Pay last year to become one of the best ways to pay with your mobile phone, especially from a Samsung Galaxy. Now Samsung Electronics Iberia and MasterCard have announced a collaboration with the new MasterCard program: Wallet Express.

The objective of this service is to offer banks and card issuing entities a fast and profitable means with which to expand their offer of digital wallets. That is, the moment an issuer incorporates Wallet Express it will be able to offer Samsung Wallet to its users.


One of the examples of its use would be the use of one of the Samsung watches for payment in any commercial establishment. Teg Dosanjh, vice president of Samsung Electronics Europe, maintains that this union with MasterCard’s Wallet Express will offer greater flexibility to users to make payments wherever they need.

Payments with the clock

Valerie Nowak, Executive Vice President of Product and Innovation at MasterCard Europe, shared that they are proud to have Samsung on Wallet Express so that users can make payments with their Galaxy mobile devices and wearables.


In just over a year, Samsung Wallet has grown to become a complete digital wallet that allows you to carry digital keys, boarding passes, identification cards and many others on your mobile. It simplifies many daily aspects of life for thousands of people in Spain, so joining Wallet Express now will allow Galaxy device users to get closer to new payment experiences.

For MasterCard’s part in this alliance, it will be responsible for enabling a participating issuer for eligible MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) wallets in the different countries of the European Union, including Spain, so that they are not even needed. create wallet onboarding projects to target wallets.

Which means that the consumption of resources for the integration of the aforementioned will be avoided and thus any company in Spain can access the use of this increasingly used digital solution. MasterCard share this link to learn more about Wallet Express. News that is in line with the European digital wallet that will be a reality for every citizen of the European Union, like Google Wallet, another solution similar to Samsung Wallet .


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